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About Henglypower

21 years of experience

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About Henglypower
1996, Mr. Chen and Mr. Xia build the lead acid battery factory, the first 12 person now are the base of Henglypower, main products 6V 4AH, 12V 7AH;

2001, establish the Henglypower brand, with 49 workers, main products range 6V, 12V series;

2004, full range of the sealed  lead acid battery, 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V series;

2006, OPzV /  OPzS tubular GEL battery series;

2008, build the new factory in Shaoguan, with four production line of SLA battery and the one production line of the lithium battery; A new page!

2009, Battery Bank Solutions and Solar System Solutions;

2013, build the new energy department, participate in the solar street light project, off-grid solar system;

2015, products get the approval of UL, MH61004;